Self-sacrifice bruised, battered and broken;
Yet we still fight a fruitless war;


I don’t know why I doodled this but I became sad immediately.

“Why don’t you admit your loneliness?”


[outofcreases; I have second thoughts in buying this game now.]


This is pretty much how I viewed that page.

Okay. No. There are various ways in which I viewed that panel.

All in hilarious, inappropriate ways.

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§ I can already feel the feels on this one.


Send me §, for my muse’s reaction to yours slowly slipping a knife into their chest.

— { ♣ } — “I-Ita…chi…” She coughs and her blood splatters. Slowly and shakily, the mother places her hand on his, the hand that was killing her, “L-L…ove…y-you…”


Tears dripping from under the base his eyes, knowing this had to be done. The only time his father had ever shown a care for his little brother was the time he was killed. Now that he has fallen, it was necessary for his mother to be eliminated as well. If only.. if only, he could leave her to take care of Sasuke. 

"I.. I—I’m sorry, kaa-san. Th-This has to be done." with a cracking voice, and a regretful expression on his face. Tears welled up,filling up his face with the sorrowful substance as he unsheathed his blade and struck his final blow. 

”.. Kaa-san, suki desu.” The male said, eyes half-lidded as he left their bodies there for the Leaf to collect.

Okay I’m gonna say this once and then shut up about it.

When people post opens ( no I’m not just talking about myself ) they’re posted for people to reply to them. If you find yourself thinking: oh no this roleplayer is too intimidating but I really want to rp with them, and then decide not to because you’re afraid you probably should have replied anyways.

Cause sometimes people work really hard on starters and sometimes they just want something not so serious or lengthy because they’ve got too many drafts already, yet they still want to roleplay. And there’s nothing wrong with it, I myself do it.

But when no one responds to that open starter it makes the rper feel bad.

It makes them feel like no one has the time/or even wants to roleplay with them. So that rper that you really like and have been dying to rp with? If they post an open, reply to it. Just jump in. There’s nothing wrong with being brave. And who knows, you and that rper could become one of the best friends you ever had.

Roleplay is for fun so don’t be afraid to have fun.

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After you receive this, you must share 5 random facts about yourself and then copy and send to your ten fave followers. If you got this then you're one of my fave blogs.


5 Random Facts about the Mun

[outofcreases; dkfsdjfskdffsd;—— you fluster me so.

  1. I get extremely irritated that new animes and ‘poorly funded’ ones don’t get new seasons. The underappreciation for a good plot is such a waste.
  2. I’ve been roleplaying for six years, the seventh being this May. I have a total 6 years of roleplaying experience, a year approximately here on Tumblr.
  3. I love my followers and partners. (But you already know that.)
  4. I’m equally good at both drawing and writing. But since I’ve done most of my writing on a computer, my drawings suffered. My strokes aren’t what they used to be, so I made drawing an occasional hobby.
  5. If I were to choose between starting a series, I would watch the anime. I only read the manga if the season’s still in the making or I’ve been gradually impatient to know what happens next. likeididwithnaruto.

There, five random facts I could think up at 2 in the morning.]


Wanting to RP, but afraid starters will be ignored.


Seeing an ‘Open RP’ starter thread, but too afraid it’s not meant for me.


Finally getting someone to RP, but afraid I might be boring them.






Naruto felt rather stupid, his fingers rapidly drumming on the counter, only to give away his nervousness. How idiotic of him. What had even brought his mistake about? Was it the obvious fact that this man was one of the higher uppers in their society, instead of merely one of the servants Naruto was accustomed to? That would be such a strange reason. Naruto was a person who could get along rather well with anybody.. His friends used to jest at him, saying that whatever switch it was he flicked on when talking to strangers, it made them like him. He wrote it off as being sociable. On top of this, he’d been working here for over two years now, while balancing evening classes to actually get a degree. During that time he’d rarely ever made such a mistake.

When the peculiar man told him his name, Naruto abruptly stopped his fingers’ annoying tapping. Uchiha.. But of course.. He’d seen this man before indeed.. On the small, unreliable tv he used to keep up with the happenings in the world. Uchiha Itachi. He merely nodded at the man, surmising that he got stared at often enough when wandering the streets, and then averted his gaze. "I’ll go get your suit out now, dattebayo." He said, turning once more. 

Now that he knew the man’s full name, he wondered why he would pick up his own laundry. Of all people, the Uchiha were among the ones never to be seen without some acknowledgement of prestige. Be it a servant, or god forbid, cameras. Naruto wasn’t particularly interested in the business world, and he didn’t really pay attention to the Uchiha’s affairs. But he did know they practically owned a big part of Tokyo.

He came back, with the right suit this time. He remembered the wine stain. He’d whined about it to his boss when it had come in, because it was near impossible to get those out. Still, he had succeeded, and he laid it on the counter before the other. He ripped the notice for it off the board and glanced at it. "That’ll be 2000 yen for the suit.." He glanced up into the other’s eyes, which looked like they were measuring him or something. ”..And then 500 for the overdue.” He added, hesitant, but still rather cheery. They were one of the more expensive dry-cleaners, rather exclusive as well, but he guessed someone like Itachi could afford all that.

Naruto’s curiosity though, could not be satisfied. And before he knew it, he had blurted out his question. "Why are you picking up your own laundry?" Immediately he found that that was probably deemed a rude question, and he grinned sheepishly “If you don’t mind me asking.. Uchiha-sama.”

A thought had been swirling around his head for awhile, although it wasn’t peculiar for him to be racing ideas, assumptions and petty chatter with himself. Despite the popular belief, talking oneself is subconsciously normal. The blatant arguments, the continuous decisions and the intricate planning. These were all things the young Uchiha male had to deal with everyday, and it hadn’t been light on him. 

Within those thoughts, he’d noticed the unique features of the boy. Nodding in response to his statement, he watched as the boy continued to fetch his belongings. Has he met this boy before? Through all the appointments and meetings he had to attend, somewhere in all that rabble, was a description so oddly in sync with the boisterous individual. 

Was it by chance that his mind was at a ravine? That wasn’t so, he supposed. 

                                        'I'll be living in an apartment now.'

                           ’Don’t worry, I have someone to share in my bills.’  

                               ’Doesn’t look like it, but he’s very hardworking.’

                                              ‘Blonde hair, blue eyes.’

'Hm.. it does match his description.' the solemn raven thought to himself as he creased his brows to cancel out confusion. 

After a few moments of analyzing and assessing his prejudices, Naruto had come back, carrying the suit addressed to him. It was clean and sparkling, just like the rest. The work here was extremely competent, and he could see why the price ranges that high. True, it was a suit that needed high maintenance, but it was expensive. 

Reaching into his wallet, digits grasped at coarse paper bills, placing it down the counter. Although the boy did ask for 2500 yen, his amount totaled 4000 yen in all. 

"Consider the extra a tip, Naruto." the male mused, his expression as solemn as ever. Fingers grabbed onto the complementary suit case that came with it as he turned around and prepared for his leave, until a question had him halting.

"Not at all, and call me Itachi." The male replied, aware that the boy had stunted into a flustered state. It was one of the things he disliked, having everyone speak to him in such a manner. Although, it could not be helped. A reassuring curve of his mouth would lighten up the tense atmosphere he brought.

"I came to pick it up myself since I’m heading straight to my brother’s apartment. Just five blocks from here." he explained further. "You see, he’s an author at Shijin Publishing, a company owned by our father. I’m his sales manager, and his personal adviser. The suit is for our New Year’s party." 

"Do you know him by any chance, Naruto-kun?" Seeing as he had explained enough that he could bequeath, he had stopped for a reply.

Reblog this if you ship ItaNaru


No matter if it’s as a side pairing, crack pairing, your personal guilty pleasure, something you’re just interested in or your one and only OTP. I’m curious to see how many people on Tumblr ship this.

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[/shamelessly drops url.]


Opinion on;

Character in general:

Oh god, Itachi man.. I love him so much! (though he morally challenges me, I mean, I don’t know what I would have one in the situation.. But killing your whole clan.. I just feel for him because he’s had to carry all this guilt and be hated by everyone including the person he cared for the most. Until death he has been labeled as a ‘villain’ and I just.. That must have been so fucking painful. I have a lot of feelings for this character. He is seriously high up in my top 5!

How they play them:

Marvelously! With great detail in their writing, and the calm collectedness of Itachi is perfect. I quite like this portrayal of him, and it’s cool that they’re also able to mold that into an AU uwu

The Mun:

The mun was one of the first blogs I interacted with on my first blog, and they are really nice and kind of like Itachi in a way. I don’t know why but I always got this vibe of a calm presence from them :) Then they went on a very long hiatus and here they are back again, and I’m glad :3

Do I:

RP with them: AU right now :)
Want to RP with them: Yes! Perhaps another thread in canon verse along the way ^w^

What is my;

Overall Opinion:

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty


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